Spring Check

Spring Check & Storage Removal

Wood’s Boat House and Power Sports

As the weather starts warming up, it’s time to think about getting your boat back in the water. Wood’s Boat House and Power Sports begins scheduling spring removals each year on April 1st. Please allow TWO WEEKS before launch date.

Boat and Accessory Equipment Inspection

When your boat comes out of winter storage, there are several critical components that you must ensure are in good condition before heading out on the water with your family and friends. Whether preparing your boat yourself or having our maintenance professionals handle your spring check, a thorough inspection and attention to any necessary maintenance can help ensure a season of worry-free boating. Even if you leave the heavy lifting to the pros, you should be aware of what is involved in a spring check so you can help head off any issues that may develop once boating season is underway.

Aside from making sure all essential safety gear and on-board convenience items are aboard, at a minimum, you should know the location of each of the following, and how to inspect them:

  • Boat Battery
  • Fuel System and Pressure, Coolant & Fluids
  • Operating Temperature & Oil Pressure
  • Engine & Spark Plugs
  • Bilge Pump
  • Idle Adjustment
  • Propeller & Impeller
  • Belts & Hoses
  • Through-Hull Fittings
  • Fender & Lines
  • Seacocks
  • Zincs
  • De-winterization (as applicable)
  • Ignition Timing & Carburetor Adjustment (as applicable)
  • Dock and Anchor Lines, Anchors, and Shackles
  • On-Board Navigation, Lights, Horn, Control & Electric Systems
  • Safety Equipment, Current Sizes and Functionality of Life Jackets & All Expiration Dates
  • Trim & Tilt
  • Charts & Software Updates
  • Areas Commonly Infested by Pests
  • Trailer Integrity

Boat and Accessory Equipment Inspection

Volunteers working for the United States Coast Guard offer a complimentary check of the general safety of your boat. This is a basic examination for the most dangerous, common conditions that boat owners are likely to overlook. If you will be preparing your boat without professional assistance, we encourage you to consider this valuable free service.

To schedule a professional Spring Check or Storage Removal,
call Wood’s Boat House and Power Sports at 304-363-2651.