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Boat, PWC, and Marine Supplies & Accessories

Wood’s Boat House and Power Sports – Tygart Valley, WV

Wood’s Boat House and Power Sports has all the boat, personal watercraft, and marine supplies and accessories you need to enjoy your day out on the lakes and rivers of the Tygart Valley area of West Virginia. We have thousands of items in stock for your convenience. Our goal is to help you have a smooth trip and a safe experience on the water as you make memories to last a lifetime.

Interstate Marine Batteries and REAL Non-Ethanol Gas

We keep a large selection of quality Interstate Marine Batteries and premium non-ethanol gas in stock for you. We also have quality boat motors and a wide selection of supplies and accessories available to help ensure your boat or personal watercraft (PWC) is in top condition so you can crank up the fun all summer long.

Why Is Non-Ethanol Gas Important for My Boat?

Marine and small engines experience reduced performance and can be damaged by the use of fuel, which contains the common fuel additive, ethanol. Most commonly available automotive fuels contain up to 15% ethanol. While “low-ethanol” fuel is advertised as containing only 10% ethanol, you should know that any amount of ethanol can be harmful to engines that were not specifically designed to operate on this type of alcohol-based fuel. This is particularly true for your boat’s marine engine.

Ethanol is a corrosive solvent that works great at cleaning sludge, but this quality means that it can also dissolve fiberglass fuel tanks, and foul carburetors, valves, and fuel filters. In addition, ethanol attracts and absorbs condensation water, which can create serious fuel separation and contamination issues that can lead to engine failure.

As part of our commitment to total customer care, Wood’s Boat House and Power Sports is proud to maintain a supply of pure, clean, 100% natural fuel gasoline for our customers.

Boat Supplies, Cleaners, Pull Behinds, and Accessories

Prepare for the waterways with our line of quality boat cleaners, supplies, and accessories. We have a wide range of add-ons to enhance your boat’s performance, as well as your enjoyment on the water. The whole family will have a blast with our exciting pull behinds and water toys! We also have life vests, kayak life jackets, and personal flotation devices in stock for your whole crew. There’s always something new in stock, so be sure to stop in on your way to the lake and see what we have in store for your summertime adventures on the waterways of West Virginia.