Water Sporting Goods

Water Sporting Goods

Wood’s Boat House and Power Sports – Tygart Valley, WV

Beat the heat while maximizing your fun this summer with water sporting goods from Wood’s Boat House and Power Sports – Tygart Valley’s #1 destination for water sport equipment! Whether you prefer paddling, riding through a gentle current with an idyllic mountain view, or riding the waves at top speed, we have all the best gear to help you make the most of your time on Tygart Valley’s lakes and rivers!

Kayaks, Life Jackets, and Accessories

You will find the area’s best selection of kayaks and kayak life jackets for all ages and sizes in a variety of colors and styles at Wood’s Boat House and Power Sports. If you aren’t sure what sizes you need, we can help ensure you have the best current fit for you and each of your family members. We also carry lights, whistles, and all the other accessories and gear you need to make your trip safer – and a lot more fun.

Paddle Boards, Wakeboards, Kneeboards & Tow Ropes

Stop in to see our wide selection of stand-up paddle boards, wakeboards, and kneeboards in models for everyone from beginners to performance athletes. We also carry tow ropes, power lock straps, and a full line of accessories. Not sure which is right for you? We can help!

Kneeboards – Ride the wake of your power boat or personal watercraft in a kneeling position for thrilling fun that that combines all the best aspects of waterskiing and surfing, including wave riding, spins, and tricks.

Wakeboards – Ideal for aerial maneuvers, wakeboards combine aspects of surfing, waterskiing, and snowboarding for thrill seekers who enjoy the athletic challenges and rewards of riding the wakes behind your power boat or personal watercraft.

Stand-Up & Standard Paddle Boards – If you prefer balancing and paddling in calmer waters, we carry paddle boards you can use while lying down (in a swimming motion), kneeling, or standing up (“paddle surfing”). This is a relaxing sport that almost anyone who loves the water can enjoy.

Pull-Behind Tubes and Water Skis

Single and multi-person towable pull-behind tubes offer a comfortable alternative to boards and skis for a more relaxing water experience. Our large selection of water skis offers a multitude of options for amateur and competitive water skiers.

Water Trampolines, Bouncers, and Lake Mats

Amp up fun for the entire family this summer with our inflatable water trampolines, bouncers, and large lake water mats. Make this year’s family outing or reunion on the lake a memorable one with endless hours of floating, relaxing, walking, running, and jumping on the water. Take your water adventures to a whole new level this year!

Pool Floats and Loungers

Spending time at your backyard pool this summer? Wood’s Boat House and Power Sports has everything you need to enjoy your private relaxation time or make your next pool party a success. Choose from a wide selection of pool floats and loungers for kids and adults. We can help you relax in style!

PFDs, Life Jackets, and Life Vests

Our wide selection of life jackets, vests, and Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) are intended to meet your needs no matter what type of recreation you enjoy. From specialized kayak and small boat vests to tactical and rescue jackets, youth sizes, extended sizes, inflatable and standard PFDs, to PFDs designed just for your pet, we can help keep everyone you care about safe when unpredictable conditions arise on the water. 

At Wood’s Boat House and Power Sports, we care about our customers. Our goal is to help you have fun – and stay safe. Before you head for the lake, river, or rapids, please be sure you have the correct safety equipment. If you have any questions, please let us know. We are happy to help.